If you are in the market for a new kitchen countertop, you may have trouble deciding what kind of countertop to install. The popular options are laminate, butcher block, tile, stainless steel, concrete, and, of course, natural stone.

 But by every standard for measuring the quality of kitchen countertops – beauty, durability, or longevity – natural stone countertops are the best. Natural stone delivers all the qualities you expect from a good quality kitchen countertop.

 What is a natural stone countertop?

 Natural stone is made in nature under various combinations of extreme temperatures and very high pressure. The products of these natural processes – stones – are cut by humans and adapted for use as countertops. Natural stone is quarried rock.

Since they are made from various materials and under a wide range of conditions, natural stones vary in appearance, hardness, and other characteristics. The natural stones most commonly used for countertops are:



Granite is the most popular natural stone for kitchen countertops. Granite is very durable and almost maintenance free. It is also affordable.



Marble comes in a range of colors with a veined pattern unique to every stone. It is stain-resistant and heat-resistant.



Quartzite is similar to marble but more durable in that it is less porous and more scratch-resistant.




The top benefits of natural stone countertops


1.     Visual appeal


Natural stone countertops have a look that is timeless in appeal. Unlike other countertops, you won’t have to worry about your countertop becoming outdated when you install a natural stone countertop. In addition to being timeless, a natural stone countertop introduces an element of luxury into the home. Moreover, you have a wide range of colors and patterns.


2.     Unique designs

Each natural stone countertop is unlike the next one, even if the two are from one block of rock. That is because the same set of materials and conditions cannot be present during the formation of two countertops. When you buy a natural stone countertop, you get a product that appears different from anything you will find in someone else’s kitchen. The colors and patterns of your countertop will be as unique as your fingerprints.


3.     Customizable

Typically, you don’t buy natural stone countertops off the shelf; you get to choose the slab you want, and the stone is cut to the shape of the surface you want to put it on. That makes a natural stone countertop the best option for countertops with a unique or awkward shape. Additionally, because the countertop does not have joints, it is durable and easier to maintain.


4.     Longevity

You do not buy a natural stone countertop with the mind to replace it after ten years. In all probability, the countertop will outlast your home. That is one reason it makes a lot of economic sense to invest in a natural stone countertop. The countertop would have more than paid back your initial investment when you are ready to replace it. That is if you ever need to replace it. This is why it’s good choice for rental properties as well.


5.     Durability


Natural stone is made by nature and designed to withstand the full force of the elements – heat, rain, and physical impact. A natural stone countertop retains this ability when used in your kitchen. Natural stone countertops are almost carefree. Depending on the type of natural stone you choose, it might need sealing. It could also be heat-resistant or scratchproof.


6.     Valuable

No other type of kitchen countertop adds value to a home like a natural stone. Homebuyers will pay a premium for a house if it has a well-maintained natural stone countertop in the kitchen. That is because they don’t have to spend additional money to update the countertop in their new home. Also, the house assumes a higher value when you use natural stone for the countertop.


7.     Sanitation

Natural stone countertops are your best option if you are concerned about germs and allergens in the home. Some natural stone surfaces are antiseptic and will kill all bacteria and pathogens that get on them. A non-porous natural stone countertop does not have pores where bacteria can hide. Additionally, natural stone countertops are easy to clean – wipe with warm water and mild soap. You do not have to worry about germs growing on the surface.


8.     Economical

A natural stone countertop will cost you more upfront than a laminate countertop, for instance. But by the time you replace the laminate countertop several times, the natural stone product will still have decades of life left in it. A natural stone countertop is more affordable in the long run.

Article Source: Avalon Property Management