About Pantai Granite

Bringing you the highest quality imported natural stones.

We are a Slab Gallery of imported Natural Stones located in Miami, FL, and have been operating since 2004. Here at Pantai our mission is to provide our customers with more than just slabs, we aim to help our customers in their journey of bringing their dreams to life. We aspire to equip our customers with a stone that will turn their dream home into a reality.

Our Timeline


The year Pantai Granite was born!

At our inception Pantai imported slabs solely from Brazil, with our entire inventory consisting of what some may call “basic color” Granite slabs. With 2,200 ft 2 of warehouse space, we slowly began getting the wheels turning!


After 2 years of working extremely hard, we had out grown our first warehouse.

We needed more space to store more slabs, so Pantai expanded! Moving into a new warehouse of 4,500 ft 2, we were able to import more Granite slabs.


After the housing bubble crisis, Pantai took another step forward.

We moved into a much larger showroom, totaling in 10,000 ft 2 . In this time not only did our warehouse area increase, but our inventory was expanded as well. We began importing exotic Granites, Quartzite, Quartz, and Marbles from several different countries.


After a few years of business we noticed a massive increase in Pantai’s notoriety.

We began to become very well known in Miami and felt it was right to expand our warehouse yet again. So, we doubled our indoor storage space totaling in 20,000 ft2.


After a few years of business we noticed a massive increase in Pantai’s notoriety.

We built this outdoor warehouse to meet our inventory needs.

Our Inventory

We store over 85,000 square feet of Quartz, Granite, Quartzite, & Marble with many varieties and colors.

This vast selection of various Natural Stones & Quartz makes us an ideal showroom for:

Interior Designers

Our Showroom

Our showroom and warehouse feature our products in a welcoming and comfortable environment, and our sales staff is here to give a tour to you or your clients.

Our Warehouse

Our warehouse is indoors and organized conveniently by stone type. No appointment is necessary – we welcome and encourage you to drop by during our office hours:

Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM