Natural stones will transform any part of your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

We partner with interior designers, architects, builders, fabricators and homeowners to help them find the ideal stones for their projects. We’ve worked with projects were beautiful natural stones we added the the walls floors.

Natural StonesNatural stones can transform a home by bringing in a nature element. These natural experience is one being widely sought by interior designers and homeowners alike. Creating this natural environment, brings relaxation and a soothing energy into a home. We’ve partnered with developers that have built entire homes applying natural stone as both the interior of the home as well as the interior. Natural Stone has become very popular in the past 10 years and we at Pantai Granite provide the finest in natural stone for any project. We’ve been wholesale distributors for over 10 years in the Doral area and supply beautiful stone to homes and commercial environments around the world.

If you’re considering adding natural stone to your project connect with one of our consultants today. We’ll provide you with the best prices and finest selection in natural stone. Contact Pantai Granite today!