If you plan to update your kitchen or bathroom with a beautiful countertop, a granite countertop should be the top option on your list. When assessing the popularity of different countertops, granite ranks at the very top, and there are good reasons for this.

 Natural stone countertops, as a whole, hold strong appeal for homeowners. But as Avalon Property Management explains, granite is attractive because it offers the natural beauty of stone at an affordable price and without strenuous maintenance regimen.

 But when renovating your home, you are often looking beyond the aesthetic appeal of the additions. A leading reason you want to renovate the kitchen or bathroom is to increase the home’s value. The question is will a granite countertop increase your home’s value.

 The answer is an emphatic YES. Adding a granite counter will boost your home’s market value. That is one of the main reasons granite countertops are such a popular upgrade for homeowners. But what is it about granite countertops that give them this quality?

How granite countertops increase a home’s value

1. Ageless beauty

Natural components like wood and stone have an appeal that is all their own. A countertop made from artificial materials, such as concrete or laminate, pales in beauty when compared to a granite countertop. Due to the colors and the veined pattern of a granite countertop, it can blend effortlessly with any style of kitchen or bathroom. Granite countertops make a strong statement in the home. That is why they have almost become a “must-have” feature for homebuyers, especially in the kitchen.


2. Extremely strong and long-lasting

Countertops are high-use surfaces that are prone to get damaged by impact, spills, and heat exposure. When choosing a countertop, you want a material that can withstand the stress of daily use. No countertop material offers this quality better than granite; granite is second only in hardness to diamond. Granite countertops are heat-resistant and scratch proof. They are resistant to chipping and cracking. A granite countertop is so hardy that it will likely outlast your home. If you ever decide to replace the countertop, it will be out of choice and by force.


3. Easy to maintain

To maintain a granite countertop, you do not need to do more than clean it daily. In addition to cleaning the surface daily, seal it at least once a year to make it waterproof. If you follow this maintenance routine diligently, your countertop will serve you faithfully for decades. Ease of maintenance is something buyers look out for when buying a home. A beautiful feature that does not require a lot of work to maintain will add value to a home, and that is what a granite countertop can do for your home.


4. Granite is environmentally friendly

Sustainability is a primary consideration for many homebuyers today. Some will go out of their way to look for homes with environmentally friendly features. Very few artificial countertops have the qualities to meet this requirement, but granite does so perfectly. With a granite countertop in your home, you can attract that section of buyers concerned about the environment. Also, the fact that granite countertops last decades means their production does not put natural resources under pressure.


5. Delivers a high return on investment

A granite countertop not only helps you sell your home faster, but you will also get a higher price for it. Whether you choose to upgrade the countertop in your kitchen, bathroom, or both rooms, you can be sure that the addition will improve your home’s value to a point where you can justify the investment.

Article Source: Avalon Property Management